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Preventive and Prepaid Medicine Programs

Through our services, we offer medical institutions and private entities in the country the opportunity to design preventive and prepaid medicine products that fully align with their specific objectives and available clinical services.


Personalized Solutions

Our program involves close collaboration with the medical institution to jointly design the product and carry out all necessary stages for its implementation and subsequent marketing.

We take care of developing every aspect of the process comprehensively, including obtaining the necessary support through Insurers or Prepaid Medicine companies.

Additionally, we offer the option to act as an external provider (outsourcing) for the medical institution, assuming directly and with our own resources both the technical and administrative management of the product. This provides the medical institution with the opportunity to benefit from our experience and expertise to ensure efficient product management.

We are committed to providing personalized and tailored solutions to meet the needs of each medical institution. Our comprehensive approach and specialized knowledge in the field of preventive and prepaid medicine enable us to offer a quality service that drives the success of our clients.



We answer some frequently asked questions that our clients usually ask us about our services.

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