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¡Setting new standards in our field !

With cutting-edge technology and the support of highly skilled professionals to ensure top-notch performance.


We are delighted to introduce you to A&Pi Capital International.

Welcome to our website; we are delighted to introduce you to A&Pi Capital International, the result of a strategic merger between two companies with extensive track records and experience in their respective domains. With a combined legacy dating back to the years 1986 and 1999, we have established a robust and dynamic entity that seeks to surpass our own boundaries, setting new standards in our field.

Our story begins in 1986 with the founding of Actuarios Consultores & Asociados (AC&A), specializing in Consultancy, Advisory, Auditing, and specialized studies in the Actuarial, economic, and financial domains.

In 1999, our second company came into existence with the establishment of Applied Actuarials & Process Innovation (A&Pi), specializing in Risk Management, Advisory, Design, and Administration of Managed Health Programs, Preventive Medicine, and Prepaid Medicine.

The purpose of merging these two companies is to provide innovative and high-quality solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Leveraging the technological expertise accumulated over a combined 60 years of experience and knowledge, we are committed to excellence, elevating our vision to new heights.

Continuous update!

Our Philosophy

Our company is distinguished by its commitment to continuous research and study, resulting in the implementation of innovative processes. These include the Statistical System, Statistical Inference System and Risk Mathematical Models, Numerical Calculation System, and intelligent processes. These achievements are made possible by our Technological Memory, which gathers over 60 years of experience and knowledge in our areas of influence.

Continuous learning
Extensive experience

Statistical System.

Statistical Inference System and Risk Mathematical Models.

Numerical Calculation System.

Intelligent Processes.

Versatile and comprehensive solutions

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer versatile and comprehensive solutions, designed and developed to provide optimal services to both the public and private sectors. We are committed to delivering a high level of professionalism, cutting-edge technology, and agile response standards to effectively, optimally, and timely meet the needs of our clients at the national and international level. To achieve this, we have assembled a team of highly skilled professionals in various specialties, who have a successful track record and extensive experience in our field of influence.

Leaders in our field

Our Vision

To be leaders in all the services we offer and consistently exceed our clients’ expectations, maintaining strict quality standards. We focus on the growth and expansion of our Professional Services, making it our primary priority as a company. To accomplish this, we are continuously developing new connections, strategic alliances, and service networks in Venezuela and abroad, primarily in the United States. Through these collaborations, we have expanded our reach to major cities in the U.S. and worldwide.

Why A&Pi Capital International?

Setting standards in our field!

Through A&Pi Capital International, companies gain cutting-edge technology and the support of highly skilled professionals to ensure top-notch performance.

Moreover, this allows for the accumulation of expertise in the subjects addressed without the exposure to the risks associated with the direct execution of all activities and operations by the companies.

Cutting-edge technology

Integrity and responsibility

Innovation and continuous learning

Qualified professionals

We are eager to collaborate with you and assist you in achieving your goals.